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 "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"

- Brene Brown, Daring Greatly. 

As female leaders, we face a set of challenges and opportunities that are distinct from those of our male counterparts.  We therefore require a different approach in order to realise our full potential, maximise opportunities and fulfill our career ambitions.


At Taylored Coaching, we are passionate about supporting women on their leadership journey, and that's why we have developed a specialised 'Women In Leadership' Coaching Program, run by our Principal Coach, Louise Taylor Walls.  The Program is uniquely designed to work with each individual in a way that supports their personal development needs. 


Using this approach we help women to consider what's possible, build confidence and courage, develop their personal leadership style, operate with influence and impact, and achieve greater professional outcomes.  

In order to ensure a sustainable level of performance, it is also critical to take time for self-care and for all the other things that are important in our lives.  We support women in finding the level of balance that is right for them, to allow for a rewarding and fulfilling life journey. 


  • Recognise your personal values, motivators (and demotivators) strengths and capabilities to create a well-informed plan for a successful and rewarding career journey

  • Deeply consider the opportunities and what is right for you. 

  • Grow self-awareness and develop your personal brand and leadership style.

  • Lead with presence and impact.

  • Remove self-limiting beliefs and unlock your confidence and courage.

  • Understand your personal capacity, stressors and build resilience. 

  • Build strategic stakeholder relationships and communication skills to shape business thinking and operate at an elevated level. 

  • Been seen as the obvious choice for the next role. 

  • Successfully move into a new role with confidence. 

  • Develop strategies to ensure your ongoing personal engagement, development and well-being.

  • Find the right balance of work and life. 


We work with women at all stages of their career. The most important thing is that you are ready and willing to go on the journey!  What does this mean?:

  • Committing wholeheartedly with a positive approach, an open mind and genuine willingness to change.

  • Working with your Coach in an engaged and collaborative way.

  • Being willing to listen to feedback.

  • Permitting the Coach to challenge them at times.

  • Executing on actions that you have developed with your Coach.

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