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Team Connect 360 (TC 360) is a unique team 360 feedback tool which generates insights into how a team is perceived - by it's stakeholders and by members of the team itself. The report provides breadth and depth of insight into your team's stakeholder's views and perceptions and what is needed for success.  It report reveals the current needs your business has of the team in question.  Feedback is gathered online and the results are collated into a report.  It's a quick, easy and cost-effective way to secure feedback, wherever your stakeholders are located. 

The TC360 questionnaire is structured around the 'Five Disciplines' needed for high performing teams, based on the work of Professor Peter Hawkins, as follows: 

1.  Meeting stakeholder expectations

2. Fulfilling team tasks effectively

3. Building collaborative team relationships

4. Connecting well with stakeholders

5.  Becoming a learning team

As you will see via the link to the sample report below, The report provides a Summary Profile being an overview of the Five Disciplines indicating what is and is not working well for the team, reporting the perceptions of different feedback groups.  There is also a number of pages showing a breakdown of the key activities which make up the Five Disciplines, with a comparison of perceptions of effectiveness.  

The process for commissioning a report is quick and simple, as follows: 

- Your provide details of those you want to participate in the feedback (the primary stakeholder, team members, reports to the team, other key stakeholders).

- Invitation emails are sent to each stakeholders with links to the questionnaire.

- Respondents complete a short questionnaire about the team and it's interactions.

- Feedback is aggregated into a report. 

- There is a meeting between the Team Coach and the Team Leader to discuss the results. 

- There is a meeting with the whole team to share the data and to identify key themes and priorities. 

- Plan actions for change based on the results. 

If you'd like to arrange a TC360 assessment for your team, contact us via the 'Get In Touch' button below.

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