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The University of Cambridge defines Mentoring as "a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers." 

This is notably different to Coaching where, rather than providing advice, the Coach there to use a thought-provoking questioning process to help you to think deeply and generate your own well-considered solutions to challenges and circumstances. 

That being said, Taylored Coaching adopts a coaching-style approach to Mentoring. This means whilst we will of course share our knowledge and experience we also endeavour to also motivate and empower the Mentee to identify their own issues and goals, and support them to find ways of resolving or reaching them, building long-term confidence and control. 

Mentoring sessions are client-led and individually tailored to the client needs. 


We work as a mentor with a variety of business professionals to support and guide them in areas in which we have extensive experience and/or technical expertise.  This support maybe sought as part of planning for a career change, settling into a new role, taking on a new project or as an ongoing sounding board.


  • Program and Project Management - Technical skills are important but the difference between good and outstanding is having exceptional soft skills, such as agility, stakeholder management, communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, resilience and more.  With extensive and respected Program Directorship experience, we can provide counsel, direction and advice to take you from good to great!

  • Board Directorship - For newly appointed Board Directors or those seeking to embark on a Board career, whilst exciting the the prospect can also be daunting.  With 5+ years of Board experience under her belt, our Principal Consultant, Louise Taylor Walls, can de-mystify, guide and support your Board journey.  

  • Small to Medium Sized Enterprise Leadership - For SME managers and leaders the old adage of 'it's lonely at the top' is more often that not the truth.  With 10+ years in such roles we understand the challenges of your business environment and are well positioned to provide guidance or be your sounding board. For example, around strategic planning and execution, risk management, and organisational leadership.  

  • Career Shifters - Career statistics predict that the average person will change careers 5-7 times during their lives.  Doing so can be incredibly rewarding, providing a greater sense of purpose, personal success, happiness and general well being.  However, making such a change is also known to be one of the most stressful life experiences.  We can help guide you through the process, giving you confidence and control, and supporting you to make the right choices for the best final outcome

  • Capacity, Productivity & Effectiveness - Do you often feel overwhelmed and poorly equipped to manage your workload?  We can help you with tools and techniques to take control of this.  

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